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One World Beat News

NIGERIA: Born Talented Youth Hip-Hop for the Beat

On March 26th starting at 12pm at the Pius Ikedia Mini-Stadium in Ipaja, an HIV/AIDS-related musical event is being organized by the Born Talented Youth Foundation (Olufemi Jackomambo Oladejo, Founder/President), a nonprofit using the arts to address HIV/AIDS and other human-development challenges in Nigeria.

There will be artists from the Ipaja and Lagos areas performing, speeches by invited guests, and attendance by state and government officials, as well as by youth groups, arts groups, and other nonprofits. Pastor Jeremiah Ifekoya of Real Life International will be among them, and members of ActALIVE Nigeria ( The aim is to unite for the development of HIV/AIDS education and prevention activities in Nigeria using the medium of "edutainment" (educational entertainment), in particular the visual and performing arts.

A live presentation of eight new musical tracks related to HIV/AIDS--composed by hip-hop artist Olufemi Oladejo himself, in a mix of languages--will be debuted. Too Close (R&B, Soul) and John the Baptist (comedy) will also perform, as will DJ High Klass (the #1 Disc Jockey in Ipajaland, Lagos State), Bar-10 Daz (Hip-Hop), and Omo Daddy (Hip-Hop). For more information contact Olufemi at .

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"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive
"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive