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One World Beat News

Netteradio Showcases OWB 2005 Female Artists

Throughout February and March of 2005, Annette ('Nette) Conlon of the Texas-based rock band, Eden Automatic--who performed for OWB 2004--has been playing music and doing interviews with female musicians taking part in One World Beat 2005. 'Nette has her own Internet radio show, called Netteradio (, which highlights and promotes women in music. The show is broadcast live each week from studios in Dallas, and is hosted by It can be heard from 8-10pm CST, and features bands, singers, and songwriters who are women, or whose groups contain at least one female member.

Many of the artists are members of ( ) and Indiegrrl (, and the artist and listener base is global, with a number of states in the USA represented, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland, Germany, Holland, England, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Russia, and France. Besides the live show there is a forum and a chat room, where people can interact with other participants, including invited musician guests.

OWB artists so far featured have included Amy Antin, Miss Behavin, Ayanda Hutchinson, Lisa Humphrey, Kaissa, and Kim Char Meredith, and others may follow in coming weeks. In 2006 we hope to create an even bigger spotlight for OWB musicians on Netteradio, and work together on a possible showcase at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival-conference, which features hundreds of musical acts from around the globe, a film festival and interactive conference (, all converging on Austin, Texas, during a 10-day period in March. SXSW also organizes the "North By Northeast" (NXNE) conference in Canada, a three-day gathering along the same lines ( . This year's event will be in mid-June, and features the likes of Bruce Cockburn, well-known Canadian musician, writer, and ambassador for humanitarian causes.

'Nette and her band, Eden Automatic (, will be playing at SXSW in the 5th Annual GoGirls showcase of emerging talent, entitled "Invasion of the GoGirls". Eden Automatic has released three albums, including its most recent "not your familiar", and is featured on compilation CDs, on TV, and in film soundtracks. A four-member group-- fronted by lead singer and guitarist 'Nette--they have travelled constantly and built a regional base in parts of the western and southern USA, and have also been getting more international exposure with SXSW, OWB, Netteradio, and the globally-televised "Net Talk Live" TV show.

A Texas-sized "thank-you" is owed to 'Nette for all she has done to showcase and promote One World Beat and its female performers, and here's hoping we will continue to make some beautiful music--and a difference--together. YEEHAW!


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"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive
"whitetopbottomborder" bgcolor="#999999">"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive