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One World Beat News

PHILIPPINES: Butta-Flava Stages Hip-Hop/R&B Extravaganza

On March 20th, beginning at 6pm at the Cluvb 5 in Makati, Philippines, Butta Flava Entertainment -- "dedicated to the preservation and upliftment of Hip-Hop and R&B music in the Philippines"--presents for the second year in a row an OWB Hip-Hop and R&B extravaganza, a mini-fest in itself and a daring display of creativity, street smarts, immense talent, and caring. Check out last year's event.

Butta Flava Entertainment is an organization of rappers, singers, writers, and performers representing the south side of Manila. It was formed in 2001 by the only female member of "4 East Flava", Janine Ramos, who also goes by the more colorful name, Jug Honeyluv. Together with Gazelle, the duo Butta Flava is one of the most popular and talented female Hip-Hop groups in the Philippines. Janine--who writes, arranges, composes, produces, and manages the Butta Flava organization--and the Butta Flava artists work to promote quality educational entertainment to Filipinos through rap and rhythm and blues.

4 East Flava, a high-caliber Hip-Hop group which made its mark with the debut album "Too Much Flava", the "Pinoy R&B and Hip-Hop Community"--a forum for Filipino artists, musicians, and music lovers everywhere--as well as BFE Records and Pinay Buttaz Productions ensure that the Butta Flava duo, their entertainment company, and affiliated artists are making a big difference through music, and we are delighted and honored to have them with us once again.

The full line-up of artists includes: Jay Flava (Hip-Hop), Syke (Spoken Word), Butta-Flava (R&B/Soul), B.F.E. Family (Hip-Hop), Ear Shot Quest (R&B/Soul), The Out of Body Special (Hip-Hop), Eucanubuzz (Rap), Prolifik & 5 Stars Productions (Hip-Hop), P.K.S.O. (Hip-Hop), Krazykyle & the Rapskallion Familia (Hip-Hop), 2 Dalubwika (Rap), AzianTribe (Hip-Hop), Fullyloaded (Rap), OneThedd Productions (Hip-Hop), Kashvill Family (Rap), Audible (Hip-Hop), Miscellaneous (Hip-Hop), 7 Shots of Wisdom (Hip-Hop), and Razor Ray (Reggae).

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"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive
r" bgcolor="#999999">"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive