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One World Beat News

USA: Beat the Wave in Boston on FEBRUARY 3rd

World Talent Quest and Big Block Network are pleased to announce two "Beat the Wave" concerts in Boston, MA, USA:

Carrie Cheron at O'Naturals
Brookside Shops
149 Great Road, Acton, MA
Thursday, February 3 at 6pm

Michelle Lewis at The Coffee Emporium
420 Boston Road, Billerica, MA
Thursday, February 3 at 6pm

The lovely lilting voice of Boston-based Carrie Cheron is rich with expression and insight. A gifted songwriter and master song interpreter, Carrie's performances are musically mesmerizing, and she is creating a solid ground on which to stand in Boston's folk music scene. Carrie was recently selected to be part of Bay State Sound's "Best of Boston" Songwriters, Showcase CD, Volume V, and will also tour with "Best of Boston" songwriters from the project. Her song, "How I Loved", received an honorable mention from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

If you meet Michelle Lewis before you hear her music you might be surprised to find out she plays folk. She doesn’t fit the profile. She quotes Homer Simpson before Paul Simon. She prefers Mardi Gras to Earth Day. She throws snowballs. She talks loud, she eats meat and if you leave the mayonnaise off her sandwich she might try to fight you. Michelle’s music is caring, vivacious and completely authentic. Watch her perform and you will understand. Her fingers articulate every note; her voice picks out every word. But you don’t hear notes and you don’t hear words. When Michelle plays, all you hear is music, and it all makes sense. Michelle has recently created the "ElleGirl" theme song for the launch of Elle Magazine, and you can sample her new CD, "Letters Out Loud", at her website.

Donations and 10% of the dinner proceeds from both concerts will be donated to Beat The Wave to benefit the Save the Children -Tsunami Relief Fund.

WTQ Live Music Series brought to you by Big Block Network and

For additional info, contact


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"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive