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Give A Child A Chance

"Educate and feed a child for $.85 a day...for less than the cost of a small order of fries or a cup of coffee, you can transform a child's life."
Stephen Shames, "Outside the Dream" Foundation


There are in the world today one billion young people who are making their leap into adulthood, with an equal number right behind them. Nine out of ten live in developing countries, and nearly a quarter survive on less than one dollar a day. Hundreds of millions of youth are being adversely affected by HIV/AIDS, violence, poverty, malnutrition, and lack of education and healthcare.


They are contracting HIV/AIDS in ever-greater numbers (7000 infected each day in 2003), often because poverty and lack of education drives them to sell their bodies in order to survive. Youth umemployment stands at 40% (or 70 million), yet youth are heading households more frequently and caring for siblings not much younger than themselves. Girls are often forced to marry young, becoming the sole breadwinners for their families when their husbands die of age or disease. Their children repeat the cycle of poverty, poor health, and early death, because they lack the education and other means for a better life.

Education has been identified as the most crucial factor in empowering youth, women, HIV/AIDS orphans, and those in poverty. A recent UNAIDS report states that "staying in school offers orphans the best chance of escaping extreme poverty and its associated risks, thus everything possible needs to be done to keep them in school". And the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which all 191 nation-members of the UN have pledged to meet by 2015, has primary universal education as its second major goal, denoting both the importance of education in its own right as well as its vital role in achieving other goals, like the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, a reduction of child mortality, the empowerment of girls and women, ensuring a sustainable environment, and combatting disease.

In keeping with our primary goal of "music making a difference", One World Beat will focus awareness and fundraising on education through its 2005 campaign, "Give A Child A Chance". We have chosen to donate to two organizations who are doing just that: Outside the Dream is a US-based nonprofit working in Uganda and India to provide school fees and supplies to orphans, street children, working youth, and other vulnerable children in Africa and Africa, and Liberation Through Education is a nonprofit based in Haiti and the US which builds schools in rural mountainous areas where there are none otherwise, helps students with fees, supplies, and meals, and is planning to develop a microcredit program for families which will help them pay for their child's education, which all aspire to do.

By helping to "Give A Child A Chance" in two of the world's poorest nations (per capita income is less than $400 yearly), you can make a difference not only for these children, their families, and their countries, but for us all. We hope you will join us--musicians, fans, volunteers, teachers, youth and students, nonprofits, media--as we "teach the world to sing" of education as a beautiful thing, and unite to beat poverty, despair, and other global challenges as one.

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"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive