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One World Beat Conditions

Conditions to participate in One World Beat

When you register to participate in One World Beat you will agree to the following conditions. We recommend to print these conditions and add them to your files.

The Basic Concept
One World Beat unites performers and musicians around the world to raise awareness and funds for chosen help projects. The local concerts are organized by local participants, such as musicians, bands, promoters, organizations, music venues or other enthusiastic people. The organization of an event/concert involves everything from finding an appropriate location, hiring the musicians, ensuring security and financial guaranties, respect of local/national/international laws, insurances to promoting the concert locally (list non-exhaustive). One World Beat provides promotional support through the website and through the team of coordinators/volunteers to the international media.

Size of an Event
There are no conditions on the size of the event. You can organize a small acoustic concert in your local music venue or bring together musicians and bands and create a larger-scale event. For first time organizers, we recommend to start with a smaller concert. The goal is to enjoy your participation, not to get overwhelmed by the task.

Promote your Event
Once you have registered and signed up your participation on this website you can promote the event in your area using the One World Beat name and concept to gain media attention. You need to stay in touch with the One World Beat team so we can optimize local and international efforts.

Donations to One World Beat
One World Beat is about artists making a difference through music. Together they raise funds and awareness for a specific help project. Each participating artist, venue and promoter agrees to donate all or part of the proceeds (at least 50%) of the concert to the One World Beat organization. One World Beat then supports chosen help projects with the raised funds. The choice of the help projects is subject to change, according to the various partnerships with different help-organizations. All internal desicions are published on the website. One World Beat agrees to publish it's financial situation on the website, in order to assure 100% transparency.

Online Donation System
The funds raised have to be sent via our secured online donation system through our partner - all major credit cards are accepted. If you don't have a credit card, you can also send in a check to our headquarters in Switzerland. However, the cashing of international checks can be complicated and create additional charges by the banks.

Our address:
One World Beat Organization
P.O. Box 41
1073 Savigny - Lausanne

Timeline for Donations
All participants agree to wire the raised funds to One World Beat not later than three weeks after the event takes place. Further they agree to send in a detailed report of how much money was raised and how much money was used for expenses. This is to ensure transparency and that the One World Beat label is not misused for any personal financial gain by local organizers.

Sponsors and Partners
Local organizers can have support from local sponsors to help organize the local event. However, One World Beat reserves the right to refuse a sponsor if their practices are against the basic OWB values or prior agreements on the international level. In particular, we are restricting sponsorships from the tobacco or alcohol industry, or other companies that are violating basic human values such as child labor. Since we are raising awareness about the problems in this world, we are encouraging you to do some background research before you send out your sponsorship proposals. If you have any questions about working with a specific sponsor we invite you to contact our team.

Participating Non-profit organizations
Local non-profit organizations have the opportunity to raise funds for their own projects by using the One World Beat label. To unite all the participants in one big effort, we are asking these participating organizations to donate 25% of their proceeds to One World Beat. The remaining 75% can be used for their local projects.

Right to Refuse
One World Beat reserves the right to refuse a participation, without the obligation to give a reason. One World Beat is about trust and honesty and any abuse of the OWB label or OWB cause for purely personal gain is sanctioned with the immediate removal of a concert or participant. The One World Beat team is constantly monitoring the website and reserves the right to make any changes.

One World Beat is a network of local events and cannot be held liable for the actions of the local organizers. We reserve the right to refuse participation. It is the responsibility of each organizer to arrange for the security of the spectators and make sure that all local and national laws are respected. One World Beat does not give any financial support to local events and cannot be held responsible for financial or any other engagements or actions of local organizers.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our headquarter in Switzerland (near Geneva):
Tel: +41 78 829 0106






"You guys Rock."
Leigh Blake, Founder - Keep A Child Alive