HIV/AIDS and One World Beat 2004:
Music Making A Difference

As of 2004 the world has lived with a general knowledge of HIV/AIDS for 20-some years. What do we know? What actions are being taken? What does the future hold? We ask ourselves: Why should we care? What can we do to help? Is the situation hopeless? What role can the arts play in addressing HIV/AIDS?

To address these questions One World Beat 2004 focuses the energies of musicians, artists, journalists, publicists, nonprofits, volunteers, broadcasters and others in public and private sectors on HIV/AIDS. We want to do something about this pandemic requiring a global response, and we believe in the power of music, the communicative ability of art.

In addition to events staged worldwide to raise money and awareness about HIV/AIDS, OWB features related materials to create greater understanding of the problems and perils it has created as well as focus on possibilities for positive change.

Many events are in the making—generated by musicians, grassroots organizations, sponsors, partners and volunteers. This more than anything else should help answer the questions above and put to rest any doubts as to what we can do to help.

The music industry has a long tradition of looking beyond the strobe lights and the flash pots and helping those in need. Consider USA for Africa, Band Aid or Bono. Now, with One World Beat, every musician, not just the established stars, can get involved. One World Beat is an opportunity for musicians and bands around the world to unite and make a difference.

We hope that you are encouraged and heartened by the wonderful individuals and organizations truly making a difference. We invite you to join us! With greatest thanks from all of us at One World Beat 2004. Here's to making beautiful music together!

Musicians around the world take action: Join One World Beat 2004!






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"So much music has been written about changing the world - One World Beat is a way to do more than just sing about making a difference, but actually do it."

Andy Treichler, founder

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