Uniting the people in the global village to send out a message of peace and unity




















Thank you for participating in One World Beat 2006 !

It was a great event!

Here is some of the immediate feedback from the different events around the world:

Japan (JB Drum Circles, Maro Sakai):
Hi! This is Maro! in Roppongi JAPAN We had very wonderful time. Thank You!

USA/NY (Orbital Sound, James Wunderlich):
Thank you ever so much for allowing us the opportunity to add our voice to One World Beat's Global Music Festival 2006. Our small contribution to the event is regarded as one of the best ways we know of during the year to give something back to the community that gives us so much. Highlights of our event, including Pete Lockett's (Pete has been voted #1 BEST LIVE PERCUSSIONIST 2005 by readers of Rhythm magazine and best live percussionist 2005 on the international drum site, www.mikedolbear.com) drum clip, will be posted on the OS website throughout the month of May. We are looking forward to next year and hope to contribute even more! Again, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for this wonderful opportunity of joining with you under the One World Beat banner to make a difference with our music.

Brazil (Troupe Djembedon, Luis Kinugawa) :
Everything was recorded and filmed. We will send samples to you, if you want. Just give us the instructions for which address or way to do it. We shared peace, love, happiness, health, and community spirit, joinning our hands and souls. Thanks for all the encouragement and work. People didn4t believed what happened. Neither do I!

Trinidad and Tobago (East Port of Spain Council of Community Organizations, Trevor McMeo):
The solidarity concert was great, [East Port of Spain regional Complex] came alive with the sound of the drum call followed by gospel, folk performances, soca, rapso, r&b and more artistes gave their support, and were glad to be a part of OWB 2006. We will sending photos and bios of artistes/musicians who participated in the concert soon. Please check out these sites www.triniview.com (Trinidad and Tobago photo albums) and Cultural Centre www.trinisoca.com (Trinidad and Tobago calypso, soca and Carnival, we got some coverage there).
Much thanks
Trevor McMeo

New Zealand (Music Wairarapa Incorporated, Glyn MacLean):

Hi there from New Zealand,

We had a great time drumming up a storm for ONE WORLD BEAT in Carterton, New Zealand. We gathered in a large semi circle in Carterton Square with several PA systems linked. What we learned from the experience was to listen to each others voices And to enjoy the depth of expression and richness of diversity.

We became like many parts of a tapestry and wove
Together rhythms and harmonies that hung in
The air and draped our smiling faces.

What we have begun with ONE WORLD BEAT we will continue through www.myspace.com/wairarapamusic and we look forward to building on the energy of this years event to make it much bigger next year. We hope to join arms with you then and embrace this understanding that when minds
Agree to anything, there will be peace.

In 2007 we hope to inspire a nation of New Zealanders to make the spiritual exodus
And the peace pilgrimage to Carterton.

As a membership (Music Wairarapa Incorporated) we applaud you who have stood tall - And who have raised your voices with us in this brief moment in time.

Our home is your home and should your foot fall upon our shores then
Our hearts will be open to gladly receive you.

Warm Regards
Glyn MacLean
The Team @ Wairarapa Music

Egypt (CISV, Hoda El-Sherif and Mona Abd-El Aziz):
Thank you OWB organizers--Andy, Jodie and Janet ( and anyone else )--for your inspiration, help and support ...Thank you for everything !!!
We had an amazing event here in Cairo, Egypt (for the first time), we are already looking forward to next year. Hope everyone around the world from all the events had a great time ! For that one hour knowing that we were all doing that same thing, sharing that one beat, at the same time, feeling that same passion, wanting to make this world a better place is an undescribable feeling, it was like the world had a heart, and that heart was beating hard and strong !!

Thank you all, best of luck and have a great year!!
Hoda El-Sherif
CISV Egypt

Thailand (The Blues Factory, David Withers):

This is David from The Blues Factory in Pattaya Thailand. We held our One World One Beat concert last night and although we didn't manage to get any guest acts our 2 housebands provided a great night. We have a charity already that we'd like to give our proceeds to (about $700), called The Amicus Foundation (http://www.amicusfoundation.org).