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About One World Beat

The concept is simple: United in One World Beat!

One World Beat is a non-profit organization that unites people and musicians of all genres to unite and convey a message of hope through their music.

Bands from around the world perform gigs under the One World Beat banner and use their place in the spotlight to do more than just sing about changing the world - they actually do it. By raising funds and awareness for the One World Beat help projects they inspire people and music fans to step out of the shade and take action.

In only three, the One World Beat community has grown from a visionary idea to a network of people and artists around the world.

"The idea of giving musicians the possibility to be part of a humanitarian project in a direct way was a natural one to me," says Andy A. Treichler, founder of One World Beat. "After all, so much music is about changing the world, about making it better. I see One World Beat as a way to allow musicians like myself to do something more than just sing about making a difference. Now, we have an opportunity to actually do it."

Supported by the United Nations Education Consortium Organization (UNESCO), and artists such as Phil Collins, Mark King, The Cardigans, Westlife, Paula Abdul and hundreds more musicians, One World Beat has successfully staged the Global Music Festival 2003, 2004 and 2005.

One World Beat Team

Andy A. Treichler Director / Founder Switzerland
Jodie Mills Communication Manager Australia
Janet Feldman News Director United States
Elize Thesner Global Coodinator South Africa
Sarah Krasnow Web Scout United States
Fari Bradley Web Radio Manager England
Jeff Thomas Website management Switzerland
Minoo Irene Artist Talent Research Switzerland

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